Ruling Ideas of the Fourth Gospel (1916)

Joseph E. Walker (1844-1922), an American missionary at Foochow, China, talks about the mysteries of the Christian faith.

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The article “Ruling Ideas of the Fourth Gospel” is reprinted from the October 1916 issue of “Bibliotheca Sacra,” an American theological journal. The author, Joseph E. Walker (1844-1922), was a missionary in China for nearly 50 years, from 1872 until his death in 1922, most of that time spent at Foochow, a prominent city on the coast of southern China. Walker played an important role as minister and professor of theology in the establishing of Christianity in China. In this article he draws inspiration from the Gospel of John. Walker says: “The bodily ascension of Christ introduces us to one of the deepest mysteries of our faith; and it has to do with a form of existence of which we have had no experience. In regard to it we can now know only what is revealed to us; and only so much as we need to know is revealed to us.”