In the Tiger Jungle

“In the Tiger Jungle” tells the story of the Rev. Jacob Chamberlain, M.D., D.D., a trained medical doctor and minister who spent 40 years in India, where he served as a missionary doctor for the Reformed Church in America.

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Experience a missionary’s explorations, the thrilling successes and crushing disappointments that represent a lifelong commitment to the arduous task and awesome responsibility of introducing Christ to the spiritually lost and idolatrous peoples of India. The Rev. Jacob Chamberlain, M.D., D.D., was a trained medical doctor as well as seminarian and thus uniquely equipped for missionary work in India, where he spent nearly 50 years as a missionary doctor of the Reformed Church in America. Most of his missionary endeavors on behalf of the Telugu people were based at Madanapalle, where he built a hospital, a church, and other facilities, all with the purpose of ministering Christ’s love to people who could not save themselves. In his books and writings Chamberlain eloquently articulated the Great Commission.